Tuesday, October 31, 2017


A 12-member team of Global Builders from the USA led by Kaye Hooker and Pamela Bland arrived on October 22, 2017. They were with us until October 29, 2017. During their stay, the members worked with and for two of our homeowner families in completing their Fuller homes - one in Erayancode and the other at Alathur both being located about 20 miles apart in Trivandrum district. The team witnessed the dedication of the two houses they had worked on. They also attended the Orientation and the Farewell meets. On the eve of their departure there was a get-together with the TFCH personnel and their families. Meanwhile, a rest and recreation program including a one-day house boat cruise had also been scheduled for the team. The whole team felt very satisfied with the food, accommodation and transportation provided throughout. Except for a couple of inevitable shortcomings, as pointed out by the team in their feedback, the mission of the Global Builders was found to be successful. We thank both the leaders and each other member of the team for their volunteerism, love, understanding and cooperation as well as the FCFH for sending this incredibly  dynamic team to the TFCH. 

The entire team at Orientation in the TFCH Admin Office

The team at dinner in the homestay

Kaye and Walter at work at Alathur

Roger with the homeowner on top

Pam and Roger painting the window at Erayancode

A houseboat passing by on the backwaters during the cruise

The team at lunch on the houseboat 

Gerald and Pam on the deck of the houseboat

Lady members of the cruise group with the chairman's wife in a park

A panoramic view captured from the houseboat

The cruise group with the chairman, his wife and the secretary
The team with homeowner Aswathy's family after dedication

The team with homeowner Shibu's family after dedication

Team leader Kaye presenting the Founders' portrait to the homeowner

Jim and Marci holding the Certificates of Appreciation with chairman and secretary
The team displaying the gifts received from the TFCH at the farewell meet 

The team at farewell dinner on the eve of departure

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