Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rev Fr Mathew Thundathil, vice chairman of the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing, India, passes away!


Rev Fr Mathew Thundathil  OCD 
Born on March 04, 1966
Professed on September 08, 1988
Ordained on January 04, 2000
Died on December 05, 2017

Dear Partners in India and abroad

It grieves us beyond words to inform you that the light has gone out, for ever! 

Fr Mathew Thundathil, the vice chair of the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing, India, is no more! 

Fr Mathew breathed his last at a hospital (about 200 miles away) yesterday despite our fervent hope that he would return to the Center and resume his role as actively as before. But the Almighty has called him back!

We as well as all those who knew Fr Mathew have continued to pray for his speedy recovery since his hospitalization for the treatment of intestine cancer since early last year. When I met and spoke to him for long a couple weeks ago, he was able to respond only feebly from his bed. Still, I found him to be expecting a come-back.

But the Lord has willed otherwise!

The mortal remains of Fr Mathew, now kept at the Carmel Monastery, Trivandrum for his dear ones to pay their last homage, will be laid to rest at a cemetery, at 11 am on December 07, 2017.

Fr Mathew Thundathil has lived for the Lord and died for the Lord! 

We extend our heart-felt condolences to Fr Mathew's bereaved Carmelite community and his own family members, and sincerely pray for his soul, characterized by exemplary devotion, dedication and commitment to the cause of housing the poor, to rest in eternal peace!

Adv T H Lawrence
December 06, 2017

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