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May his soul rest in peace!

 With a deep sense of sorrow, I inform all those concerned that Mr K Johnson, founder Secretary and later Vice-chairman of the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing (TFCH) breathed his last on August 28, 2022. The Board of the TFCH met to condole his departure and console his bereaved family. His mortal remains were laid to rest after a requiem mass was held at his parish church. 

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the secretary, the board members and the manager for their presence at the meeting and for the timely arrangements made for laying a floral wreath on the departed as well as for the prayer said by Fr Simon, a board member.

While being grateful to the former TFCH members who conveyed their condolences from wherever they were, we also offer our prayers for the departed soul to rest in perpetual peace! 

Adv T H Lawrence 
Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing
August 31, 2022

Saturday, October 6, 2018


The pictures inserted below are the houses funded and built for the homeowners by the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing, India.
House - 62: House of Rajan & Sunitha and their family

House - 61: House of Subhadra and her family

House - 60: House of Syamala and her family

(Photo not received)

House - 59: House of Valsala and her family

House - 58: House of Jayakumar and his family

House - 57: House of Manju and her family

House - 56: House of Sidney John and his family

House - 55: House of Aganeesa and her family
30.6.2020 Alappuzha

House - 54: House of Thresia and her family

House - 53: House of Vasantha and her family

House - 52: House of Sabeena Beevi and her family

House - 51: House of Satheesh & Sheeba and their family
The couple Satheesh and Sheeba who lived at Onamcode, Marayamuttam, near Neyyattinkara, had an incomplete house built with the help of government. They approached the Centre for supplementary assistance. Their case was found to be eligible for TFCH support. Accordingly, the above house was completed on June 21, 2020 and the family has since been living in it happily.

House - 50: House of Pushpalatha and her family

Pushpalatha is from Palode. Her family lived in an incomplete house built with the help of government grant. She approached the Center seeking some assistance to make her house fit for occupation. The family had repayment potential. With the supplementary loan sanctioned by the Center they completed their house. The new house has made the entire family feel happy. This house was also dedicated on November 15, 2019

House - 49: House of Sasi & Lilly Bai and their family

Sasi & Lilly are the owners of the land on which the new house has been constructed with the financial support provided by the Center. They are living with their only son who is unmarried. While Sasi is working in the local diocese, his son is a driver. The family's repayment capacity is sound. The family had been living in a thatched house when they approached the Center for housing assistance. With the loan sanctioned by the Center they built a house. The new house has raised their social status. Now the entire family feels happy to live in the new house with a better social status. This house was also dedicated on June 30, 2019.  

House - 48: House of Baby and her family

Baby is a widow with two daughters and a son. She is living with one daughter and the son. The family didn't have a house of their own. They were not considered for any governmental assistance. Their efforts to get a housing loan from other sources had failed when they approached the Center for help. Baby is a labourer, and so is her son. As the family possess repayment potential, the Center sanctioned them the loan for a new house which was dedicated on June 30, 2019.

House - 47: House of Girly & family

Girly is a grass widow who was living with her two sons and their wives in a house, which didn't have all the windows, good flooring and painting.  She approached us for some supplementary assistance to make her house more habitable and safe. They are very happy about our assistance and the present condition of their house, which was dedicated on March 25, 2019.

House - 46: House of Thresiamma & family

Thresiamma is an unmarried woman, so is her own sister. Both of them were living in a house built with the housing assistance of the State Government long ago. But the house became unfit and unsafe to live in. It was under this circumstance that she approached the TFCH for a loan to restrengthen and refurbish her house. The full view of the house can be seen in the inset. She is exceedingly happy to have her house in this revived condition now. The picture shows both the ladies and their niece with her child standing on the threshold of the house. This house was also dedicated on March 25, 2019.

House - 45: House of Kumar G & family

This is the Fuller Home of Kumar & Sreekumari dedicated on February 27, 2019. The family felt that the old house in which they had been living for five years was inadequate with their two children having grown-up. Their existing house needed an addition of one more room. The loan assistance provided by the TFCH enabled the family to expand the house with a sit-out.The couple and their son are posing for a picture  snapped on the occasion of the dedication ceremony. 

 House - 44: House of Asha A & family

Asha and her family had already constructed a house with their savings and other assistance when they approached the TFCH for a loan. But the structure needed doors, windows, flooring and plastering to make it habitable. With the help of the Center they completed the house which was dedicated on February 19, 2019. 

 House - 43: House of Binukumar & family

This Fuller Home, which was dedicated on November 06, 2018, belongs to Binukumar & family. Binukumar is a mason while his wife a kindergarten teacher. They have two school-going children. Their house had a sheet-roof and the interior was incomplete. Now the whole family is happy being housed in a better and safer decent concrete house.

House - 42: House of Anilkumar & Mayamol's family
This Fuller home, dedicated on April 28, 2018, belongs to Anilkumar & Mayamol. They had been living in an inadequate house with a bedroom and kitchen under the asbestos roof. Anilkumar is a mason with two school-going children, one son and the other daughter. The children feel proud of having owned the house. 

House - 41: House of Shibu and his family

This Fuller home is owned by Shibu, a carpenter. The family had been living in a single-room house under the tin sheet roof until they decided to approach the TFCH for a loan. Shibu, father of two children, feels happy about having his house rebuilt with necessary amenities now. So are the other members of his family.

House - 40: House of Aswathy and her family

This Fuller home is owned by Aswathy whose husband, Sunil, is a mason. They were living with together in a rented house when they decided to build a new house in a small plot of land they had already bought. The couple also have two small children. The family is now delighted to have the Fuller home built with TFCH financial assistance.

House - 39: House of Leela and Family

This Fuller home belongs to Ms P Leela, unmarried, who lives with her younger sister who is also unmarried. While Leela is a homemaker, her sister is working as an ayah. They had been living in a rented house for long until they heard about the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing from one of our homeowners living nearby. When they approached the TFCH, they were educated, interviewed and selected. On verification they were found to be possessing the necessary repayment potential. Within a period of three months the house was constructed and it was dedicated on January 30, 2017. The family feels extremely happy to have a permanent home of their own with better amenities now. 
House - 38: House of Biji and Family

This house was built for the family of Ms Biji in Kannur district. Biji and her husband are Gospel Workers. The couple has two daughters. Biji, her family and her parents had been living in a rented house for years until they came to know about the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing (TFCH) through the Assembly Of God Worship Center, Kelakam. With the interest-free loan provided by the TFCH the whole family is able to own a decent home and live there happily.

House - 37: House of Sachu and Family

Sachu and Anu are a couple whose existing house with only one bedroom lacked a kitchen and a bathroom. They wanted to add them for a more convenient stay there. Sachu is a casual worker in a Travels Agency while Anu is a driver in a private firm. They had some savings and their repayment potential is satisfactory. With the interest-free loan granted by the TFCH they have renovated their house with the additions as desired and required. The family is seen standing near there house. The smiles on their faces bear testimony to the contentment they are feeling now. The children say that they are happy with the additional bedroom and a good kitchen.

House - 36: House of Victor & Shobha's Family

This Fuller Home belongs to Victor & Shobha. Victor, a mason, had been living with his wife in a rented house until this new Fuller Home was dedicated and occupied by the family with the loan assistance of the TFCH. The couple had married off their daughters some time ago. Since then they have struggled hard to build a house of their own. Now that they are in the Fuller Home, they will enjoy dual benefits: They need only repay the loan with the amount they had been paying as rent; they would own this house as soon as the loan is fully repaid.

House - 35: House of Don Bosco & Family

This Home is owned by Don Bosco, the homeowner who is standing to your extreme left. Don Bosco is a young bachelor now working as a salesman in a small shop. With the occupation of this simple and decent Fuller home, he has decided to look for a bride. His mother being no more, he and his father will live in this house until his marriage, which will take place shortly. Others who are posing for the photograph are his very close relatives including his father (standing on the threshold). All of them are happy about Don Bosco having had a good house of his own to live in.

House - 34: House of Chandrika and Family

The TFCH dedicated this Fuller Home belonging to Ms Chandrika, a grass widow, who earns her daily bread working as a domestic assistant, and lives with her mother and daughter. Chandrika could not complete her house which she started constructing with the government grant received three years ago. Now that her house has been finished with the TFCH assistance, she can relocate her family from the rented house where she has lived so long. The house now looks so elegant with two small bedrooms, a hall, an attached toilet and a kitchen.

House - 33: House of Aneesh and Family

This is the Fuller Home of  the family of Aneesh, his mother and sister. Aneesh, the homowner, is a labourer whose family was living in an inadequate house. He had erected the foundation for a house but could not get a loan from any source to continue construction and complete the house. Then he approached the Center for assistance. His housing condition was verified, his need was ascertained, his repayment potential was assessed and finally he was provided the loan. In a short span of two and a half months he completed the new house with the sweat equity received from his relatives, neighbours and friends. 

House - 32: House of Cherupushpam & Family

This the Fuller Home of Ms Cherupushpam and her family. This family had been living in a rented house until their Fuller home was completed with the funds lent by the TFCH. With the dedication of this house the family feels that it has a home of its own. While the homeowner is a domestic worker, her husband is a mason. Both of them work hard. The family enjoys living in a permanent house.

House - 31: House of  Ravi & Santhi's Family

Ravi & Santhi, who are the joint homeowners, did not have a proper house to live in. They were recommended by their Assembly of God pastor and a former TFCH homeowner. Ravi, occupied as a mason, was found to be in need of a home with necessary repayment potential, so his case was considered by the TFCH Board for the loan assistance. The family built this decent home and has been living there happily with their children.

House - 30: House of Sabu & Family

Sabu, who is an agriculturist, was living in a rented house at Kelakam when his case was recommended by our partner in Kannur district. The TFCH selected the family as it was found eligible for housing assistance. Pastor Sasi Joseph of the Assembly of God and his wife are seen with the happy homeowner family in the latter's new Fuller Home.

House - 29: House of Abhilash and Remya

Abhilash, who is an electrician, was living with his small family in his relative's house when he approached the TFCH for assistance. The Board found the family eligible for the loan as they possessed repayment potential. The dedication of this house, whose construction was completed within three months, was witnessed by the Global Team from Singapore led by Raymond Chew.

House - 28: House of Bhaskaran Nadar and family

This homeowner, who is an agriculturist, now lives in the Fuller home with his family consisting of his wife, his son (autorickshaw driver), his daughter-in-law and his grandchildren. They were living in an inadequate house until the TFCH helped them to renovate their existing house. The smiles on their faces say it all.

House - 27: House of Lathika Devi and family

The homeowner is a domestic worker who had been living in a small rented house for years. She came to know of the TFCH through one of the members of the Board and approached for our assistance. Being eligible with repayment potential, she was helped to build this house, and the whole family, including her mother, is happy to live in their own house now. 

House - 26: House of Jaya and family

The homeowner Jaya is a home-maker while her husband is an autorickshaw driver. The family did not have an adequate house of their own. The TFCH helped them build a Fuller Home where they are now living happily enjoying a better social status than before.

House - 25: House of Sumathy and family

The homeowner Sumathy is a daily wage-earner while her husband is a gardener. The family were living in two temporary sheds. Now that they have built a house with the help of the Center, they are happy to move into and live in that Fuller Home with a sort of elevated status.
House - 24House of Anoosh Benzi and family

The homeowner Anoosh Benzi is an electrician and he stands flanked by his mother and elder brother. He wanted to build a new house and accommodate his parents there. The house was built with the assistance of the Center and completed as scheduled. The family has experienced a rise in societal status since the occupation of the Fuller Home. 

House - 23House of Anu and family

The homeowner is Anu and her husband is an autorickshaw driver. The family did not have their own house. They had been living in a rented house until this Fuller Home was built. The family is thrilled to be living in the new house.  They are also happy to have been blessed with a son with the dedication of this house.

House - 22House of Sasidharan and family

This house of Sasidharan & family could not be completed despite some financial aid received from the local administration. It remained incomplete for a long period of time. Sasidharan approached the Center for assistance to complete his house. The Board members who visited the family found them deserving. With the housing loan provided by the TFCH the family completed the house and began to live in it happily thereafter.

House - 21House of Padmini and family

Padmini is a homemaker while her husband is a skilled mason. The family had no house of their own to live in. The FCFH selected the family for the housing assistance as recommended by one of the existing homeowners of the Center. The family is excited to have built this house in a shorter period of time with the participation of Global Builders who rendered their sweat equity in the construction work for a few days at a stretch.

House - 20House of Biji and family

The owner of this Fuller Home, Biji, is a widow, who lived in her old dilapidated small ancestral house. She has four daughters. Three of them are still studying while the eldest is earning some income working in a computer coaching institute. Biji also works in a local convent attending to the menial jobs there. The FCFH visited and selected the family for the assistance as recommended by one of the Board members. The family is now very happy to be living in this new house which is situated in Kottayam District, about three hours' drive from TFCH headquarters.

House - 19House of Maniyan and family

This Fuller Home belongs to Maniyan, a skilled mason and family. They had been living in a very inadequate housing environment when the FCFH visited and selected the family for the assistance as recommended by one of the Board members. The family is now happy to have built this house which has provided the inmates a social uplift as well as a comfortable living.

House - 18House of Paulose and family

This is the Fuller Home of Paulose, a labourer. He and his family had been living in a rented house for long. His son is a tyre resoling worker. With the assistance received from the FCFH they were able to build a house of their own and start living in it. The family feels safe and secure with a Fuller home.

House - 17House of Johnson Mathew and family

The River City Church of the USA wanted our ministry to be extended to Kelakam in Kannur, which is one of the northern districts of Kerala. With the approval of the Fuller Center for Housing, USA, our central organization, we built two houses there. This is the Fuller Home of Johnson Mathew, a painter and family who had been living in a rented house for long.

House - 16House of Jaison and family

Jaison, a skilled mason who had worked abroad, could not complete his new house for want of funds. He had been living with his family in the two unfinished rooms when his need was brought to the Center's notice through one of the Board members. The Center considered this family, and with the support provided, Jaison was able to complete his house in a couple of months. The family is now very happy about having had a beautiful house to live in. With this housing project we have moved out of Trivandrum and extended our ministry to other parts of Kerala.  

House - 15House of Vincent & Valsala and family

The house in which this family comprising Vincent and Valsala, the joint homeowners, and their son lived was a substandard one and it belonged to their married daughter who was living away with her husband and children. The family had a very small piece of land to erect a house on. Vincent and his son are masons with the necessary repayment potential. The TFCH considered the family for the housing assistance and helped them to build this Fuller Home which also received the benefits of labour voluntarily put in by the GB team. 

House - 14House of Rasalan & Yasodha and family

The joint homeowners Rasalan and Yasodha and their family were living in the raw-bricked, sheet-roofed house seen behind this new Fuller Home. Rasalan is a skilled mason while his wife is a home maker. They had half built this house and left it incomplete at the lintel level for want of funds. The TFCH considered the family's need and funded them for completing the work. The GB team also had a chance to render their support during the RCC of the roof. The family proudly acknowledges the TFCH's support and is happily living in the Fuller Home now. 

House - 13House of Mallika and family

This Fuller Home is now owned by Mallika, a casual employee in the State government. Her husband is an electrician. The couple have two school-going daughters.  The family was living in an old ancestral house when Mallika approached the Center for assistance. She had received some aid from the local administration, but could not construct beyond the lintel level with that support. This family was selected and helped to complete the house. Another GB team led by M/s Boots and Ramsay were very happy to work for this house with the homeowner family.    
House - 12House of Sajeev Das and family

Sajeev Das is a homeowner who was living in an asbestos-roofed two-room house. Working for a private company as a field representative, he could not find any prospects of renovating his house and making it fitter and better for continued occupation. The TFCH considered him for the housing assistance and helped him rebuild his house. This Fuller Home had also been earmarked for the GB team to work for. Sajeev, now married, is living happily in his own home.

House - 11House of Ajikumar and family

This Fuller Home belongs to Ajikumar, a mason. While his house was under construction with TFCH funds, he was selected for housing under the government scheme. Soon he repaid the whole loan and completed the house with the funds received from the local administration. The homeowner, who is grateful for the assistance initially provided by the TFCH, is living with his family happily now.

House - 10House of Kumar and family

This Fuller Home belongs to Kumar, a mason, who is also a divorcee with two children. When his wife left, he had been living in a shack. Having heard about the Fuller Center, he approached the TFCH for a loan to construct just three rooms for accommodating himself and his children since the existing house was too substandard for human occupation. With the assistance received from the Center he built this house which had also been earmarked for the Global Builders. The homeowner is happily living with his children now.

House - 9House of Vinod and family

The owner of this Fuller Home is Vinod, a bachelor living with his widowed mother in an inadequate housing environment. Being a good skilled mason he was able to save well and buy a house which had been under construction. Exhausted with existing resources, he was unable to proceed further from the structural stage of the house. The TFCH helped him to complete the house with all necessary amenities. This was one of the houses on which the First Global Builders from Mercer University led by Dr Chris Grant worked during their stay with the Center.

House - 8House of Sheeja and family

Sheeja was living in a lintel-level plastic roofed  single room, built of cement blocks, with her husband and two children. They were using an improvised kitchen annexed to the room. Her husband Vijayakumar, a rubber tapper and auto rickshaw driver, had procured some building materials out of his earnings, but could not proceed with construction for want of sufficient funds. The family was selected and helped by the TFCH to build this beautiful Fuller Home. 

House - 7House of Saji & Jini and family

Saji and his wife Jini jointly own this Fuller Home. Saji is a skilled carpenter who was living with his family in a substandard house made of unburnt bricks and roofed with earthen tiles. Being very old and worn out, the house was not safe enough for the family. With his lone income he could not save enough money to build a new house. He was struggling hard to secure a loan from a bank or a financial institution, but failed. It was in this context that Saji and Jini approached the TFCH. The Board visited the family and found their housing condition quite deplorable. The family was selected and the loan sanctioned. Soon the work started and this Fuller Home was built.

House - 6House of Susan Rajam and family

This Fuller Home was built for Susan Rajam, a grass widow, who had been living with her widowed mother and children in their old ancestral house belonging to her brother. She was a casual employee when the Center considered her for the assistance. A year after the completion of  this house she was able to be working in a private unaided primary school as a teacher. Susan feels very secure and says that after being in partnership with the Fuller Center she is blessed with two things - one a decent and permanent home of her own to live in and the other a simple and regular job for her to live on.  

House - 5House of Sheeba and family

Sheeba and her family had been living in an asbestos-roofed unhealthy house with her husband, daughter and parents when her condition was brought to the notice of the TFCH. Her husband, formerly a private taxi driver and later a cameraman's assistant, was running from pillar to post for a separate house for his the family. The government of Kerala helped him with some money, but it was hardly enough for the foundation. But he had procured some building materials out of his year-long earnings. The TFCH recognized the family's plight and helped Sheeba with a loan. The entire family may be seen standing happily in front of the Fuller Home.   

House - 4House of Geethakumari and family

Geethakumari, a home maker, was living with her husband (an Ayurvedic village physician) and her daughter in a house belonging to her brother. She had a small piece of land, but did not have the resources to build a house. Her dream for an own house had been a decade old when she and her husband visited the TFCH office for housing assistance. The family was selected and helped to build this Fuller Home.    

House - 3House of Geo Joseph and family

Geo Joseph and his family were living in a dilapidated leaky house built more than 50 years ago. His two children could not have a proper place to sit and study their lessons. An auto driver, Joseph approached the TFCH with a request to help him renovate and restrengthen his old house. His case was approved by the TFCH Board and his house was reconstructed with more spacious rooms.    

House - 2 House of Varghese and family

Varghese, a privately employed car driver, was living in an substandard house with a couple of small rooms made of raw bricks. The roof had been leaky and patched up with tarpaulin pieces. The house was too inadequate to accommodate his wife and a grown up son, who was working as a mason. Varghese had been dreaming of a better house for long. His need was genuine and his request was considered by the Center. This Fuller Home also has the distinction of being the first house built with the funds received from the FCFH. 

House - 1: House of Joy and family

Joy, a skilled carpenter, and his family were living in a just two-room asbestos-roofed inadequate house when he approached the TFCH for assistance. It was around the time of the first Millard Fuller Legacy Build. The Center decided to participate in the Build though it had not received any external aid. The members of the Board contributed to the corpus which served as a source to meet about 75% of the estimated cost for the reconstruction of Joy's house. And, this was the first Fuller Home of the TFCH, with the dedication of  which we also joined the MFLB 2009.

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