Monday, September 11, 2017


Mr Babu Rajan and Mrs Cicily are originally from India though they have been living in the United States for over four decades now. During their recent visit to their hometown in Kerala, they found time to undertake a four-hour rail journey and to meet the members of the Board at the TFCH administrative office in Trivandrum on September 8, 2017. Earlier they had also dropped in at the Fuller home of one of our homeowners in Kottayam district and interacted with her family. The American guests were received by the chairman of the TFCH. We spent more than five hours discussing the formation, growth and development of the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing as well as our future plan of activities. Babu Rajan, an ardent lover of our ministry, was exploring the possibilities of prospective partnership with the TFCH, under the guidance of the FCFH. He and his wife had many questions on the functioning of the TFCH and the repayment trend. They surveyed the collage of TFCH houses displayed in the office. The entire process of housing - from education, selection, funding and construction to dedication, repayment and loan closure - was explained to them. Both of them seemed to have been fully convinced of how secular, transparent and frugal we are in carrying out the housing mission as envisioned by Founder Millard Fuller. Babu Rajan and Cicily pledged their support, to the extent possible, for housing the homeless in and around their native place. The modalities, it was decided, could be chalked out in due course via email. The visit of the couple was both encouraging and promising. It was a day of hope for continued partnership with these important guests. The TFCH looks forward to hearing from Babu Rajan and Cicily soon after their return to the US.
From your left: Treasurer Abraham Mathew, 
Secretary C K Alexander, Chairman Adv T H Lawrence, 
Cicily and Babu Rajan in the Board Room
The guests and the board members 
in the hall of the administrative office


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