Thursday, April 18, 2013


A dedicated and committed team led by Jim McCracken, USA arrived at Kelakam, the northern part of Kerala on April 3, 2013. They worked under the banner of Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing. The team had two sites to work the beneficiary families. They excavated earth, carried building materials like cut bricks and boulders, and completed basement for one house and foundation for the other. The team mingled with the local community so much so that their names were familiar to the local folk. It was for the first time that the people around happened to watch foreign guests come and work for the Fuller Center homeowners.

Dave is carrying the cut brick
The homeowner with the TFCH Board chair and treasurer
The US team and Sasi with the homeowner and the TFCH Chairman
The TFCH chair with the team and the host
The TFCH chair, Sasi and the US team