Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The first Global Builders' team comprising scholars of Mercer University led by Dr Chris Grant and co-led by Dr Ann Drake & Dr Ashley Murray visited the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing, India from July 17 to August 03, 2012.

The images below depict the various activities undertaken by the team led by Dr Grant and co-led by Dr Drake and Dr Murray since their arrival in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

The Mercer Team led by Dr Chris Grant on arrival

The TFCH Board welcoming the team on arrival

The team being received with a bouquet
The Orientation by the chairman is in progress
The team watching the Orientation presentation
Dr Chris and Dr Drake with Lawrence and his wife
Dr Drake carrying a heavy cement brick
Removing the earth from the site

The scholars are at work on a house
A joyful ride on an elephant
Playing with the elephant
Some women in Indian attire
Playing in the swimming pool
In the school premises with secretary and joint secretary
Dr Chris Grant cutting his birthday cake

Sarah is cutting her birthday cake
The Mahatma Gandhi memorial at Kanyakumary
Moving towards the Vivekananda Memorial
The whole team with the chairman and his wife
domestic elephant on the road
A group at the Island Resort portico
Fr Mathew presenting the TFCH birthday gift to Grant
The team making for the Island Resort
A pageant of the classical dance
Bathing the elephant
On the houseboat during cruise
In the swimming pool at the Resort
On the houseboat to begin the cruise
Elephant Ride
The tender coconut drink
The elephant is bathed
Dr Chris and Dr Drake enjoying the boat cruise
Sarah with a baby elephant
The team at an orphange
The team watching the dance performance
A Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly as the guest
 The team at a break during offsite recreation
 Dr Grant is lighting the traditional lamp
 Dr Murray receiving the memento
 Dr Drake receiving the memento
 Dr Grant receiving the memento
 The farewell banner displayed at the meeting