Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The second Homeowners' Meet of the Center was held at Carmel Monastery, Trivandrum on December 23, 2013. The 15 families who are in and around Trivandrum attended the meeting. The chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and Board member Sr Erasma represented the TFCH. The meeting was presided over by chairman Adv T H Lawrence. One of the homeowners said the prayer, another welcomed the gathering, four of them offered felicitations and the manager proposed vote of thanks. Small gifts were presented to each homeowner family. A high tea was hosted by the vice chair. All the Board members spoke on the occasion. The chairman expressed satisfaction at the 100% repayment being made by the homeowners and asked them to maintain it so as to sustain the ministry by recycling the repayments to the benefit of those homeless brethren. The vice chair appealed to them to find more pleasure in giving rather than receiving. The homeowners felt so proud of the service of the TFCH Board that they offered to render their sweat equity to those who were still poorer. Arrangements had also been made for the receipt of repayments to be remitted by the homeowners.

The spouses of the chair and the treasurer were also present as invitees. 

Some of the pictures taken on the occasion are inserted below.

A view of the gathering

Joy, the first homeowner felicitates

Varghese, the second homeowner, felicitates

The vice chair presents the gift to Varghese

The treasurer presents the gift to Susan

Sr Erasma presents the gift to Sheeba

The secretary presents the gift to Mrs Maniyan

The manager receives the repayments