Tuesday, February 2, 2010


(1935 - 2009)

February 03, 2010.
On this first anniversary of the passing away of our most beloved founder president, Millard Fuller, we, the Board of the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing, met at the monastery of our vice chairman, spoke about the legend and his contributions to humanity and prayed for his peaceful rest in his heavenly abode. We also arranged for a requiem mass in honor of the departed soul. We hereby vow to follow Millard's footsteps in the light shed by the torch borne by him from above and to accomplish the mission of 'eradication of poverty housing' as envisaged by the humanitarian ministry left behind by him.


I had for Millard a strong passion
Aroused by his deep compassion
For the homeless in his own nation
As also beyond many an ocean.

Millard’s life had a noble vision
In pursuit of which he led a mission
Founded out of his great ambition
For poverty-housing eradication.

The ministry of Habitat for Humanity
With which I enjoyed much affinity
Showed Millard’s love in infinity
That inspired even souls of vanity.

Millard, being of enormous tolerance,
Braved always all the hindrance
That stood against the furtherance
Of his goal and caused interference.

It is four years since the first sitting
At which Millard found it befitting
To sow the seeds at the old setting
For rolling his mission of housing.

Millard, to me, became a dear mentor
With the founding of the Fuller Center;
I know now I have a lot to render
Though I’m left with the ties asunder.

My heart is laden with grief acute,
Yet with a commitment more resolute
I pay Millard my humble tribute
By way of a tearful salute!

T H Lawrence