Thursday, February 21, 2013


Here are the ten dynamic members of the team, who have worked for three needy homeowners of the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing, India, for seven days now. As these ten partners take leave of the Center and the city, they also leave a good deal of memories for all of us to cherish. As always, we feel somewhat nostalgic when we think of missing them, for they have made their presence felt, especially among our homeowner families, during the last few days. 


Another team comprising members from America, Canada and Australia, led by Boots & Ramsay, on a tour of India have visited the homeowners of the TFCH and voluntarily participated in the construction work. The team desirous of doing hard manual job has helped three poor families by joining them in building homes.

Mark Heisey helps install a window

John Wherry mortaring the joints

Mark and John at masonry

Meredith and Jane with sand 

Mark with a 30-kg cement block in hand

The homeowner and his son with Mark and John

The team members in discussion

The team lunch with the chairman and treasurer