Monday, July 24, 2017



With the arrival of a six-member team, the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing has had the privilege of hosting another dynamic group of global builders from the USA, led (for the second time in four years) by charismatic Kathleen Williams. Interested in housing the homeless, the team members are committed to helping our existing new homeowners by offering to work with them on the construction of their houses

The whole team posing together at the Homestay
Demonstration and instruction by the yoga guru

Four of the team spend a little time on yoga 
in the morning
The team at work for a homeowner
Captured from outside; looks as if 'behind bars'!
Team members and the TFCH manager carrying bricks
Kat is sifting the manufactured sand
The team and the chairman in front of a 
nearby Fuller Home
Cement and sand being mixed by Kat and Douglas 
with the homeowner
Jacqueline Rouse conveying cement packet 
in a wheel barrow 
Kat, the team leader, with the homeowner's children
A break from work for the team
The team with the chairman and the homeowner family
The team on a boat cruise en route the resort 

At the entrance of the Poovar Island Resort

Team leader Kat in the swimming pool of the resort
TFCH Chairman presents the memento 
to the team leader
Ethan with the memento presented by the 
TFCH Secretary

TFCH Manager presents the certificate of appreciation
 to the team leader

TFCH Chairman presents the certificate of appreciation
to Jacqueline Rouse

Matthew Weinstein with the memento flanked 
by the chairman and the secretary 

Christopher with the memento presented by the chairman
Douglas with the memento presented by 
Board Member Mr Vijayan
The team members are filling out 
the Feedback Sheets on farewell

Jacqueline with Treasurer's wife, Chairman's wife
and Treasurer's daughter-in-law 

Team leader Kat flanked by the homestay owners

The team members at the dinner table

Jackie, Chris, Matt and Kat were seen off 
at the railway station by TFCH Chairman
Ethan and Douglas were seen off 
at the international airport by TFCH Chairman

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